I'm having some frustrating issues with a tall email design in Outlook 2007. I had this problem with a previous email, where a tall image was being misaligned in a table cell. The solution was to cut it up into smaller images at the time. I still had no idea why Outlook was chopping the image up by itself, but this seemed to solve it.

Come phase two with an even taller set of images and now after trying many, many solutions, I am finally stumped. My closest rendering option was to nest a table and distribute mostly evenly sized and spaced images. Even now, there are a couple of random gaps where there shouldn't be. Every single other email client tests pretty much perfectly except for the wonderful Word rendering engine in Outlook 2007.

Can anyone suggest why 2007 would be inserting this whitespace seemingly at random?

Published results here.

Many thanks.

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danwellman 5600

I'm having some frustrating issues with a tall email design in Outlook 2007

That pretty much sums up developing HTML emails for OL2007 ;)

When I had this problem in OL2007 it was because OL2007 was giving td elements that only contained an image a font-size. So each td could only shrink to a minimum size hence the blank gaps.

You can probably fix it by adding the following inline style to all tds that only contain images:


If that alone doesn't resolve it, try adding line-height:0; to it as well

Answered over 9 years ago by danwellman
  • Thanks for the tip, but it didn't help. It doesn't seem to be adding the whitespace to every image, but only a couple. This is very strange, since all of the images have the exact same associated markup. I can only guess that Outlook is adding some sort of Word-related page-break markup or something along those lines. This only seems to happen with tall elements or images. Bodog over 9 years ago
  • that is very strange, I guess this is different to the problem I had...I certainly wouldn't put it past OL07 to add arbitrary garbage at random intervals. Whoever made the choice to downgrade OL07 to a worse rendering engine than previous versions needs to be repeatedly poked with a sharp stick ;) danwellman over 9 years ago
o.k.w 2355

I can't exactly point out what the incompatibilities are, but there are many NO-NOs for Outlook 2007. One of which is "background images" do not work, and you have some in your email HTML.

Take a look at this useful matrix and see what are the stuff the nasty Outlook 2007 rendering engine doesn't support.

Guide to CSS support in email clients

Answered over 9 years ago by o.k.w
  • Thanks for the answer. I'm familiar with that article and I'm not exactly new to designing HTML emails. As far as I know, background images simply don't render in incompatible email clients, but they don't break the email. I just use a background colour as a fallback for any clients which don't render them. I have tested this email without the background images and the image problem I described remains. Bodog over 9 years ago