Hi there I'm currently creating a few signature files and will zip these up and send them to the client. My question is: for the logo in the signature to show up everytime they send outgoing emails, will the path need to be on their website root directory or folder within root directory, or will the logo show up sitting within a folder on their local directory?


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o.k.w 2355

You can choose to have the logo:

  • sent within the email as an attachment
    Hence each mail will be bloated with the logo file size, but you do not have to worry about where is the logo stored
  • loaded from a Url (e.g. http://mycompany.com/anyfolder/anyimage.gif)
    The image will be blocked by default
    Url can be anything as long as you can view it in browsers from any PC

So you have to weigh between the two options. Personally I try to avoid logo-ed signatures and have text-based ones instead :P

Here are a couple of useful resources that might give you a better idea:

Creating Signatures in Outlook from howto-outlook.com
Create signatures with pictures or logos from office.microsoft.com

Answered over 9 years ago by o.k.w