Does anyone have an idea why my vertical scrollbar doesn't show up on this page in IE 7?

Wait, scratch that, I can get it to show up if I click and drag (down into the hidden content area) to highlight the content, forcing the content scroll. Ding, it suddenly appears. It disappears again when the page is reloaded.

Wow, that's really gross. I like to blame IE for these kinds of issues normally but I can't help but think this is something I've done. I thought maybe the width of the scrolling content was hiding the scrollbar somehow, but no amount of finagling with widths has seemed to have an effect.

This uses the self-same same code to scroll the content as on the "services" page, which displays the scroll bar just fine.

Yikes. Ideas, anybody?

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Validate your code.

There are a lot of typos that will upset IE7 - it's very finicky about that!

e.g. you're missing some closing quotes on your nav attributes that will through the CSS classes off.

Answered over 8 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Thanks, Tony. Good suggestion... I just validated (which of course I should have done to begin with *hangs head in shame*), but unfortunately it didn't resolve the issue - the only change is that now I can't get the bar to show up by dragging, which I guess is less weird. Any other ideas? matt kristiansen over 8 years ago