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I have been viewing my site on a number of platforms, including the ASUS Netbook, which i did today.

What is the easiest and most efficient technique for displaying my page in full view without horizontal scrollbars? I need my site to be properly rendered across multiple screens, resolutions, and platforms!

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One of the common methods is using Proportional, liquid and hybrid layout with a minimum width of say less than 800px which should fit all netbooks' max resolution. Mobile browsers not included.

One good resource at

Liquid layouts are layouts that fill the browser window. Rather than set a fixed width, they allow the user to control the display, and therefore are not subject to the ongoing question of which screen resolution to support.

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Answered over 9 years ago by o.k.w

Try wrapping your entire site in a div with the id "wrapper" and then, using CSS, set the width of the wrapper to be 940px. Then, in addition to the heigh setting, add "margin: 0 auto;" to the wrapper div to center it on the page.

If you want your site to be viewable on screens with resolutions lower than 1024x768 without horizontal scroll bars, try setting it to something less than 800px and see what works.

Hope that helps!

Answered over 9 years ago by Nick Pettit
  • could you just help me out with the code and css. send me a sample html file with the wrapping div tag and css in action. remeber phillips..sense and simplicity. send me the file to hope i can help doctype in the future with file attachment functions on pages here. rodney oleshin over 9 years ago