I have a page that does an AJAX request and then updates the content on a page. Part of this process is creating a scriptaculous Sortable. After showing the content in Safari 4, everything in the viewport looks good, but as you start to scroll, elements are missing. Mostly, anything other than the Sortable lists. If you start to scroll back to the top, things that had previously appeared are now missing. If you drag one of the Sortable items, all of the page content snaps back into place. The page works in all other browsers tested. (IE6, IE8, Firefox, and Chrome). No HTML or Javascript errors occur.

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It looks like the problem was that I was creating the Sortable in the afterFinish of a scriptaculous Effect.Fade. After the Sortable was created, an Effect.Appear was run to reveal the content. I moved creating the Sortable into the afterFinish of the Effect.Appear and that resolved the issue.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Joshua Pangborn