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A quick two part question:

Is there a standard height for Page Up / Page Down page navigation / scrolling on modern browsers, or is it completely platform dependent?

Do you personally use this type of navigation when browser, eg. pressing spacebar in Firefox or the standard Paging keys?

I'm interested in this because of a CSS / design concerns on a one page web page design.

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I can tell, it's dependent on the size of the browser window. Hit the Page Down key on a tall window and it'll jump further than if you hit it on a very short one. Resize your browser window and try it for yourself :)

Personally, yes, I do use the space bar when reading through long texts. However, I think this is a "power user" feature. Many people simply wouldn't know it exists. Also, many devices wouldn't have such a thing (e.g. iPhone, Wii).

Answered about 8 years ago by Olly Hodgson
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Thanks for the answer. I'm concerned with this because I found that on some one page designs a 'section' analogy is used to separate out areas, e.g. 'about', 'contact'. The problem I have with this is that the only way in which to focus on each section as intended by the designer, is to provide Page Anchor links.

I was looking for a way to use the Page Up / Page Down keys or the Space Bar key to provide this kind of functionality; but as you have highlighted, the navigation / scrolling of such keys is variable. I have also noted that either way, this would not be good for mobile devices.

One solution might be to disable the scrolling of the overflow content, and to force the user to use the the web page's navigation, and not the browser's or system's navigation, but this goes against good usability practice. Other suggestions are more than welcome.

Answered about 8 years ago by tim