I was wondering, what is a good control to change the language for a web site?

In Google, I am seeing they are using Combo Box


However, for my case, I have a very limited space. I wish to place the control at the right side, same level of my current menu.


Will placing several country flags in a row a good options? Or there is any other ways?

Also, can anyone point me out some good example of using flag to perform language change? I cannot find an example.

  • "...example of using a flag to perform language change?" - Usage: Click the flag to change the language. May be highlight the selected flag for the language selected? Or are you are more technical information on how to actually change the language? w3d almost 9 years ago
  • Do you have an example of website which is able to do this? Yan Cheng CHEOK almost 9 years ago
  • [Spybot Search & Destroy](http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html) use flags on their homepage. However, although colourful, I wouldn't have said their implementation was necessarily ideal. w3d almost 9 years ago

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What you decide to do (combo box / flag buttons) is probably down to how many languages you are offering? It would be impractical for Google to display flag buttons, since it offers so many languages and some of the languages it offers are not country specific. eg. Google offers "English" and "English UK" as two separate choices, as well as two versions of Spanish (I think). What flag would you show for "(International) English", which I think is Google's "English" option?

For just 3 or 4 languages (assuming they are specific to country) then flag buttons would perhaps be easier to use and more obvious for the end user.

For many languages then a combo box (or some variation of) would be more appropriate. If your whole page was dedicated to choosing a language, then perhaps you could choose an alternative method.

Also, users are familiar with combo box and flags for language selection. If you try to be too creative with this control then the user will have to think and might miss the option.

Answered almost 9 years ago by w3d