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iam newbie iam using the "galleria" plug in for an image gallery .

is there a way to rewrite the script to have the image blown up to fullsize in a new window or layer (more elegant) on click, instead of seeing the "next" image? here is the original galleria demo: thanks for an answer!

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Galleria is designed to be an encased thumbnail/large image UI. If you want your images to be opened in a 'modal' window, you should use something like Fancybox (jQuery) or the Lightbox jQuery plugin.

Answered about 8 years ago by Gary Hepting
  • I have never really liked Galleria, I always use the jQuery cycle plugin when I'm going for the effect Galleria offers. Gary Hepting about 8 years ago

hm, thanks! iam familiar with the lightbox and the cycle, but what if i want to have the thumbnails that you click on to have the bigger image, and then click on the larger image to have it full size? i lack the profound knowledge of javascript et sim, so i wont be able to write a script on my own,this is why i thought i could rewrite an existing plugin option...

but is it actually possible to have both - thumbnail&image+onclick large image with jquery? this photographer has a website similar to the request: but i think its adobe generated, and also it would be nice to have the images scroll nicely as in galleria... maybe iam asking for the impossible ...

Answered about 8 years ago by komiska
  • If you are looking for something easy, check out ( it makes a nice gallery using the images you upload to Flickr. Mottie about 8 years ago