Attached is a screenshot that highlights (literally) the additional margin that is placed on the text input.

It looks like it might the native way the browser renders the control, and as such unavoidable and needing the usual css hackery to special case it.

But I wondered if anybody knew if this issue was documented and if there are any ways to trigger IE to stop this behavior.

Edit, to clarify, there is a constant (regardless of font-size / margin) 1px margin above and below the border of the input.

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richard 18
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Looks like a bug. Found a very old bug report on this on

A possible fix would be to float the input elements:

float: left;

You would have to apply other styling to fix to consequences of the float but this might get rid of the 1px.

Answered over 8 years ago by richard
  • Great, thats the bug exactly, thanks a lot! meandmycode over 8 years ago