I know you can do it with a bit of JS but I favour having a 100% CSS solution incase my clients have JS disabled

I've read that it's impossible. Why is this? Does it not just drive you mad? I've got a nice looking form that I've styled and then along comes the file input field and totally screws it all up. How very.

The problem is that I can't add padding to the input itself or the button. I can change the background colour of the input field but that's about it....

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Actually, we use CSS to style all of our input fields. It makes for very nice-looking forms. :)

Not sure what problem(s) you are having exactly though. Maybe if you posted a sample of your CSS & HTML I might be able to offer more inputs.

Also, as a side note, for padding on buttons you might just want to specify height & width in your CSS and decrease the font size, giving it a more 'padded' look, if indeed padding: isn't working correctly for you.

Answered over 9 years ago by DondeEstaMiCulo