I have completed a logo/ident design and the printers want the illustrator file to print. How do i best prepare it for them while also making sure my work cannot be ripped. The file contains only vectors and gradients.

So far i have converted the document to CMYK colour, i believe the document has the correct resolution (not sure how to check, think it's 300dpi) and converted my custom font type to paths.

Is there anything else i should do so as not to look amateur (which i am)?

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gy 15

The easiest way to prep a file - especially if your somewhat new to this is to simply call the printer and ask how they want the file prepped.

Answered over 9 years ago by gy
Jordan 469

Since they want the illustrator file, one approach you could take is to flatten your work artwork so that no changes can be made to it. To do this, go to Window > Layers. In the layers palette, click on the arrow in the upper right corner, select "Flatten artwork". You won't be able to make changes after flattening, so save a copy of your file before flattening.

I would also make a pdf version and send that to the printer as well. To do this choose Save as from the file menu, then choose adobe pdf, then select pre-press quality from the drop down menu.

Answered over 9 years ago by Jordan
  • Flattening the artwork is likely to make it unusable by the printers. There is no need to worry about IP theft by the printers - they have nothing to gain but much to lose (reputation) by stealing client's artwork. Richard Grevers over 9 years ago