i got an image behind my google adsense, the css code of that background image is:

 background: transparent url("http://i53.tinypic.com/2lu8jgg.jpg") repeat-x left bottom; padding-bottom:10px; padding-top:0px; height: 352px; padding-bottom:5 0px; padding-left:50px; padding-right:50px; padding-top:280px; width: 350px;

this works fine in mozilla firefox,

but when i open my website in google chrome browser the background image is crapped, it is spread in the entire background, whereas it works fine in mozilla and rock-melt, whats the actual problem my website is: http://mbas.in/

  • Looks fine to me. Do you have a screenshot? Trevor Landau over 7 years ago

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Sisira 95

I think the background image style rule may be given to a block label element. The html code.

So you need to add the following rule, if the intended tag is not block level tag. display:block;

If you do so then also take care of the padding-top:280px as desired.

But my suggestion would be, you should not put tag as i seen it from the view source of the given site, instead use any block label html tag and style according to you.

Answered over 7 years ago by Sisira
  • when i inserted `display:block;` the image is not spreading in background, but it is gone down now, in mozilla still it looks fine, but in chrome nit working, and i am not clear with your second point, can you give me some code example? ntechi over 7 years ago