What have you as a designer found most irritating about the programmers that implement your design? When you design a site in Photoshop, and hand the PSD off to a programmer, what expectations do you have, and how have you been disappointed?

I'm a programmer trying to find ways to be kinder to the creative geniuses that hire me.

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Holy cow! This is the first question I read on this site and saw Nathan's answer! What an attitude! I guess I'll be moving on to other sites rather than see this from the staff (is he some sot of moderator?).

Just wanted to let people know that this is indeed driving away people from this site. It had good potential.

Answered almost 8 years ago by gm
  • No, he's not on the staff, and not a moderator. Anyone with over 500 reputation points can close a question, though. Mark Eirich almost 8 years ago
  • Can't believe you'd judge a whole site on a comment form one embittered individual. Tony Crockford almost 8 years ago

I've been trying to work around this problem (I'm a developer) by forcing my designers to deliver HTML/CSS instead of a PSD. If you do, then there is no reason for interpretation left.

Answered almost 8 years ago by pritaeas
  • But by forcing your designer to deliver HTML/CSS aren't you basically training them as your replacement..? danwellman almost 8 years ago
  • Writing HTML/CSS in no way replaces what we do; the value we add is in application architecture and writing the underlying code (Ruby or PHP). However, we prefer that our clients do not write it, because typically we end up re-writing it because of browser incompatibilities, because it doesn't allow for the flexibility necessary in a dynamic site, or simply because it is poorly written and difficult to read. Mark Eirich almost 8 years ago

They think posting awful questions is a great way to market their unremarkable businesses.

Answered almost 8 years ago by Nathan Duran
  • Wow. I apologize if it's an inappropriate question for this web site. I believe you have enough reputation points to close the question, rather than flame a fellow programmer. ;-) Mark Eirich almost 8 years ago
  • For some reason, compared to the other stackoverflow-related sites, doctype appears to attract quite a lot of negativity ranging from sarcastic sniping to full-blown bile. I wonder why this is? Don't get me wrong, I've had very positive interaction here, but the flip-side really is a bit of a disappointment. Bobby Jack almost 8 years ago
  • It's probably because every idiot who's ever paid two dollars a month for a Dreamhost account thinks they're a web designer. Nathan Duran almost 8 years ago
  • @bobby, I believe 99% of the negativity stems from one particular individual... danwellman almost 8 years ago