This is a rare situation for a website design/development. In the past I have absolutely avoided using audio files to load/play automatically on websites. It's generally just bad form in most cases.

In this case, however, it contributes just a little additional feel to the atmosphere of the site. It is meant to be subtle, tasteful, unobtrusive and succinct. The client requested it, and I am trying my best to provide the end result while maintaining good design and structure.

So, having defended my case for this rare excursion into no-man's-design land, can anyone help me with coding this little rarity?

It should play a sound file automatically in the background when the home page loads. No loops. No visible player. I avoided using "embed" in the header until I had exhausted other HTML5 "audio" and HTML4 "object" methods. The "embed" is not standard, and I would rather do this with future-forward, standards-compliant code to accomplish this, while getting it to work at least in IE7,8,9, FF, Chrome and Safari.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!