Table Based Float Not Working in IE

Hello, I'm extending a WordPress plugin and one of the things I am doing is taking a table based layout and applying CSS to it so two table rows line up next to each other. This works in all non... Read more

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Image not displaying in Firefox but displays in Chrome

Hello, I am working on website on valentines day quotes where I am displaying ads from gift affiliate. Please see [this page][1] in Google Chrome and in Firefox: In Google Chrome, you will be... Read more

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Full iframe in Firefox/IE

I am working on a site on hindi movies, where I am trying to embedd an iframe (which has an embedded flash movie) in a page. Please see: [this page with the movie][1] In google chrome, the ... Read more


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CSS Sprite Full Page Background: background-position

Hi, I am working on a quotations site on goodbye quotes. There is an image, the top 80px of which I want to use for some other purpose, and remaining image, I want to set as a full page backgro... Read more

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CSS3 button / badge

Hi, I have a site on online piano, where I use css3 for some buttons. Please look at the menu on the right side of [this site][1] Now, what I want to do is, display a small "icon" alongside th... Read more

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Embeddable widget for blogger?

Hi, We have a website, where users can create polls and embed them on their website using a javascript code. However, on blogger, we are unable to use javascript code for the widget at all.... Read more

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Font Awesome Not Working in IE8

Hello, I'm using Font Awesome on a clients website using the straight up CSS implementation - no LESS or SASS. Using Adobe Browserlab I noticed that the fonts aren't rendering using IE8. Every o... Read more

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Proper Spacing with Liquid Columns

Working on revamping my ancient HTML skills... I'm making a 3 column liquid layout. I'm close to finishing the skeleton. Here are stumbles. I have 3 columns that I want want sized: 25%,50%,25... Read more

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Making background images responsive

Hi, I created this HTML version of a flash website, in order to make it mobile friendly: It's supposed to be a responsive design. However, I'm having problems... Read more

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How to add link on CSS animations?

Hi guru, I looked up one of doctype's discussion - see link: [][1] I have managed to create a CSS animation and been tryi... Read more

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