Trying to float an UL with undefined width.

I'm working on a case study page and I've created an UL to show off some metrics. I want this UL to float inside the main body copy. Almost working on FF and Safari but IE won't play nice at all. T... Read more


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Brian 10

How do I layer my content below the border of its parent element?

I have an element with a border-style of double. The element also has an overflow of hidden. Its only child is an image. I want the image to be visible below the doub... Read more

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How do I prevent my form's textarea fields from being resizable all over the page?

Problem: my textarea has that little resize handle in the bottom right corner in browsers that have [CSS 3 UI][1] implemented (like Safari). How can I prevent it from being resizable? It's making i... Read more


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How to use CSS sprites when the background is larger than the sprite?

I've got a selection of icons I'm using on an activity feed. I'd like to convert them to CSS sprites (a single image containing all the icons) rather than separate files, to cut down on the number ... Read more


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How to vertically center content on a page

I have a simple, temporary page with a logo. I want to simply center it both vertically and horizontally. Actually, I want it a bit higher than center. I am looking for a pure CSS solution. Read more


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Is it possible to fix the negative text-indent problem in IE to hide text when using a background image for buttons?

At the moment, I'm getting both the image and the text. I've tried almost everything I know. Read more

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