How to remove enclosure in wordpress?

In custom field named enclosure was added automatically after I made my post and added a video. The enclosure custom field appears in the post too. How can I remove it. I can't remove it simply by ... Read more

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my text is getting disturbed when i minimise my web page... how can i avoid that? .This is the small template web page i am trying to construct... when I minimise it i.e., when we press ctrl-- the text in the webpage is getting distu... Read more


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need help to change the height

[][1] from the above link I am trying to use 3rd example (#pane3 (default)). I am trying to change the height, but scroller comes... Read more


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How to append child to XML file?

Hi there, I have a simple XML file containing a list of names in this format Ho... Read more

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JQuery date picker: trying to show the pop up on top of my input boxes always

Hi I am trying to get the calender to pop up above my input boxes. I tried some of the suggestion from this forum but its not working. can some one help here is my code $(function() {... Read more

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Community link blogs for Javascript and web design/development in general

Are there some nice and well visited community link blogs for Javascript and/or web design/dev in general? Something like RubyFlow for Ruby, where other people leave links to their Ruby specific bl... Read more

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Wordpress theme- assign front page layout (grid) to archives, categories, search etc layouts

I am using the non-pro version, [AutoFocus+][1] I just want to apply the front page grid layout to the following templates of the AF+ theme: -archives (with heading for [archive results][2]) ... Read more


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google ads on grid?

I am trying to incorporate google ads on a new website design. I need to use at least 2 ads on each page. The availalble ads that I have to use are MPU(300X250), Leaderboard(728X90) and the Sky(160... Read more

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Sliding doors and CSS sprites for vertical menus using li and div

Hi all, I'm having a problem with my CSS sliding doors and sprite implementation. Each list item has 3 states (normal, hover and pressed), and each list item contains a div which can have mul... Read more

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Why is the clickable area of my submit button different in IE8?

I had a need to use multiple submit buttons on a form and style them using CSS as clickable answers in a quiz. It all works fine in all browsers other than IE. <input class... Read more

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