Why are floating elements being pushed around?

Kind of a dumb question, I know. I want the photo and text to be left-aligned, but remain unaffected by browser window size. Can't use absolute positioning because the image size is going to change... Read more

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Best CSS editor for Windows?

I just switched from Mac to Windows (dont ask.) There I used CSSEdit & TextMate. I have searched the net for a Windows alternative, but nothing gets even close. Is there something new at the mark... Read more

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Style Switcher

Anyone got a very simple style switcher script!? Read more

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How do I make a play button hover over an image?

I have images of record albums that display in a grid and when you click on one it will play the record. I'd like to make a play button appear over the image sort of like in the Mac Finder Preview... Read more

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Browsers showing <h1> text as outlines

Has any one come accross a problem before where all browsers are showing certain types of text as an outline? Its seems to be mainly happening to or tagged text all alot of differe... Read more

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Trying to float an UL with undefined width.

I'm working on a case study page and I've created an UL to show off some metrics. I want this UL to float inside the main body copy. Almost working on FF and Safari but IE won't play nice at all. T... Read more


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Brian 10

How do I layer my content below the border of its parent element?

I have an element with a border-style of double. The element also has an overflow of hidden. Its only child is an image. I want the image to be visible below the doub... Read more

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How do I get a background image to work properly in an anchor text with a line break.

For this website i marked external links with CSS. In HTML the link looks like this: www.solunic.at (external link) In my CS... Read more

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What is the best way to round corners?

There are lots of different techniques for rounding corners. To name a few off the top of my head: tables with 4 images; styling the container and a header; doing that in JS; multiple backgrounds i... Read more

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Does anybody know of a good HTML5 CSS reset? I'm looking for somthing similar to [Eric Meyer's Reset CSS][1] or [YUI reset][2] but which covers all the latest tags. I've had a look at the [first Go... Read more

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