Photoshop dropshadow (like in picture)

I was browsing apples webpage the other day and fell for their dropshadow. Was playing around in photoshop to try to accomplish the same kind of effect but had no idea how to do it. Anyway here'... Read more

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Which aspects have to be prioritized in web design nowadays?

Hi all, I am wondering what is the design aspect that is being prioritized nowadays. I am currently designing a company website that sells timber (does not need shopping cart). All the sells... Read more

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Image swap after 2 levels of clickable events

I have just a bit of familiarity with javascript. Say I have an image map with 10 clickable polygons. When clicking on any one of those polygons, I would like a placeholder div underneath tha... Read more

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Pictures becomes darker after saving in Photoshop

When I'm saving a picture that I've created in Photoshop the picture become darker/more contrast even though I can see the normal colors in the Photoshop software. I've been googling for this prob... Read more

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Creating arrow with rounded corners

I have this desing, in which there is a slanted arrow before each box: ![alt text][1] I made the arrows using the CSS pseudo elements :before and :after, modifying slightly the css from [thi... Read more

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:before and :after in RTL

I'm using the ::before and ::after psuedo-elements to create a little triangle, like shown [here][1] However, my site is RTL, and for some reason, IE9 & IE8 switch the direction of the border attr... Read more

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Photoshop help please!

I recently learned how to make GIF's and i've seen in a lot of blogs that they make color overlays and really cool overlayed frames as the picture is moving, but when I try to do the same thing, on... Read more

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Mac website Display Issue

Hi, I am doing a website for a client and I am testing now, but I found some strange issues. I had some IE issues that I solved with the _margin-left. My website works perfectly now in FF, Chrome, ... Read more

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IE7 appears to be adding padding-top to the sides of the element too

Hi All, I am trying to get a design to work in IE7. I'm using the HTML5 boilerplate (without their CSS reset, I am using Twitter Bootstrap too which covers that for me). I have two containers... Read more

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Why are footer links not accessible on some pages?

I am just finishing up a site and discovered that the footer navigation on some pages is "covered" by something that is preventing the links from responding to mouse over. Here is the site: [htt... Read more

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