Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a lightweight plugin for JQuery or Mootools that does something like this (Pikachoose) but allows the main switched image to change dimensions (mostly just length).

Nothing fancy required and I want to make my own thumbnails (no generating lists).

Any suggestions are appreciated!

  • I'm actually thinking this is probably some simple JavaScript like... onclick switch background image of a div or something.... anyone have ideas? I'm not a JS writer at all. :P Tiffany S almost 10 years ago

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Your initial link is confusing as I can't see a gallery there. However, from what you are saying it sounds pretty straight forward. You might want to grab the code that the guy here explained to me. This actual script dims the thumbnails on rollover but that should be easy enough to cut out. Let me know if you have any problems implementing it.

The Snipplr link does in essence, achieve what you are looking for and is the main logic behind the script on stackoverflow that I mentioned. If you want a quick fix - you should go for that one. The #target is the img's source that you want to change.

You may want to look at Jeremy Keith's (slide 10) unobtrusive (pure, not jquery) javascript image gallery that incorporates a lot of good practices and taught me a lot.

If I were you I would not go for a plugin in this case, this is an oppurtunity to try and learn some basic javascript. There will be countless oppurtunities where using plugins will be the most practical option, and I personally find I learn a lot less using them. It is not until you start writing your own plugins and extending jquery that (other peoples) plugins start to really work for you.

Answered almost 10 years ago by nine_toes
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Maybe it wont be lightweight enough for your needs but here is the gallery I have developed in jQuery some times ago. It is fully customizable using CSS :

Answered almost 10 years ago by setaou

Anyone think this is the best solution: http://snipplr.com/view/8688/jquery-image-swap/ ?

Answered almost 10 years ago by Tiffany S