Sorry if this is wordy. We have a site which is one IP address shared by -many- divisions. Each division has a web site which is distinguished by the port #. It's the same app. The only thing that happens when the user goes to their home page is that the home page immediately redirects to the 'real' start page--which is the same for all divisions--but is passed a server variable which sets the proper database/logos/etc.

The site uses a lot of JS. On one page there is a 'datepicker' calendar A client reported that when clicked it did nothing. Couldn't find any flaws in the JS. The child window just wouldn't open.

Then I noticed that Firefox indicated the whole site was running inside a frame.

OK, the 'welcome' page (which redirects) has a meta tag: HTTP-EQUIV REFRESH CONTENT in the header and also a normal href if that doesn't work.

For -some- reason, this 'welcome' page is creating a frame and -that- is causing the JS inside the 'main' application to fail.

IOW: The source of the welcome page is:

click here

and what is being served up is...


Why is the welcome page creating a frame? How do I debug this?

Any thoughts?



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I suggest an approach of divide and conquer. Break the meta refresh. If the page that is then served up causes the frame, you can ignore the rest of the system and focus only the piece that serves the meta-refresh.

Assuming the bit that serves the meta-refresh isn't the issue, change the meta-refresh to a static page. If the static page is served inside a frame, I would begin to suspect something in Firefox.

Assuming the static page works as expected, you can begin to tweak settings in the site refreshed to. Step one of this would be to load the address directly without the refresh and look for the frame there.

Good luck.

Answered about 10 years ago by enricopulatzo
  • Thanks. I tried changing the 'welcome' page to a static page and it also created a frame. So I'm guessing it's the web server, right? JC Harris about 10 years ago
  • Also, when I call the 'application' page (ie. the target of the 'welcome' page redirection) no frame is created. JC Harris about 10 years ago