I've produced the logo included below for my new blog, a film/movie review site. The background of the site is plain black; the logo is a PNG with transparent background. When it displays on the background the film reel has a white edge to it, presumably because the image used to have a white background which I removed. You can see the image in context on the linked page.

How can I remove the white edging and achieve a seamless meld of the image into the background?

alt text

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You either need to export that GIF with the proper background/canvas color (dark gray), or use an 8-bit PNG graphic with Transparency.

Answered over 8 years ago by Gary Hepting
  • Err wait, that is a PNG -- you might just need to feather that off if you've extracted that from something. Gary Hepting over 8 years ago
  • Not sure the feathering approach will work; I took the film reel off a white background, which it had already been feathered too. I *think* that's why the feathering doesn't remove the white edges - it sees them as part of the image, so either shrinks away from them or grows past them (but always retains them). Hope that makes sense... Alastair Smith over 8 years ago