Hi, I'm trying to achieve this effect:alt text

where the left and right div act as navigation that controls the middle div with images, but once I start adding images to the middle div, it pushes the right nav div down to just under the image height. navLeft is float to the left and navRight is float to the right.

Here is my working file: http://www.heidixu.com/doctype/8.1.11/index.html

Any idea about what the problem might be? Am I missing a clear:both somewhere? Thanks!

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danwellman 5600
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The problem is that the middle container for the images is not floated, so the next element (the right nav div), even though it itself is floated right, drops down to the next line. Not sure if the middle container will work correctly if it is floated as well, and you'll probably end up needing a bunch of new styling to position it correctly. Your easiest option might be to position the right nav div absolutely in the correct location...

Answered almost 8 years ago by danwellman
  • problem solved: http://www.heidixu.com/doctype/8.1.11/index.html Thank you!!! Heidi Xu almost 8 years ago
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