I'm trying to support one of our users who uses inDesign CS3 (I do not, nor do I know much about it). She has a series of pages, each of which is based on one of a few master pages. At the bottom of each page is a footer of sorts, with our company name. For some reason, on two of those pages, the company footer is bold. In the Pages palette, those two pages have an additional icon next to them (I believe this is related to transparency or opacity, but I'm not sure).

She is not sure why those pages are different, and I haven't been able to figure it out either. Can someone explain what those icons represent, and how to remove whatever it is they are adding that is overriding the master page?

Thanks in advance for any help. John

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I'm not sure what icon you're referring to, but Indesign master pages can be based off other master pages. So Master-B can contain elements from Master-A. That might be what's causing the issue.

If the only difference is the bolded text in the footer, then why not apply the correct master to all the pages in the document? Just select all the pages in your pages pallette, then click the dropdown menu and select Apply Master to Pages (or something like that).

Answered over 7 years ago by Fireflight