If I use font-size:normal, the font is considerably larger in IE than FF.

If I use font-size:10pt, the font is consistent between browsers, but IE won't change it when the user selects View > Text Size > Larger.

What's the accepted way to get a consistent font-size (in the default rendering) that can be adjusted by the user?

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Rob 230
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IE has problems with that type of attribute ("normal") and pt is for print, not the web. Browsers now resize px consistently, at least for current browsers.

Answered over 9 years ago by Rob

A reset.css has some rules to help set fonts consistently across browsers:

font-size: 100%;
line-height: 1;

There is a bit of contention around using a reset, and I can understand the arguments, but I prefer it.

Eric Meyer has an excellent reset, as does YUI.

Answered over 9 years ago by Nathan DeGruchy
Doug 1095

While px will work for modern browsers, if you still have to cater to IE6 (and many people do!), you will get better results by setting a percentage font-size on body and sizing your text using ems throughout. See How to Size Text in CSS.

Answered over 9 years ago by Doug
da 40

There is no 'right' answer to this. Lately, I've chosen the 'simple' answer. I use px. Yep, still an issue for IE6 folks. But I'm caring less and less about IE6 folks.

Answered over 9 years ago by da