I'm updating/redesigning an e-commerce website. One of the feature available is a mini-cart. It's visible in the right column of a 3-column layout and underneath it, you have other modules: news, promotions, etc... By default, it's visible everywhere: home page, category pages, product pages, contact, about, search, cart, etc...

Customers on this site sometimes buy alot of products, very small amount each, but can get up to 30-50 different items in the cart, so this module may occupy alot of space vertically.

What do you recommend, should I leave visible everywhere, taking into account that this mini-cart module may get very long..?

Would you remove it on non-product pages..?

Would you collapse it to see only the number of items and total on non-product page..?


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danwellman 5600

Personally I would just show the total items and total cost in the mini-cart and allow the visitor to expand the cart (or go to a dedicated cart page) when they want to see all of the individual items. This would stop the mini cart taking up a lot of vertical space.

The cart should be visible at all times. Don't show it on some pages but not on other pages, either have a dedicated cart page and don't show the mini cart ever, or show the mini cart on every page, otherwise it could be confusing for your visitors

Answered over 8 years ago by danwellman

I have a similar solution. My mini-cart is an accordion (TINY accordion), where the cart total sum is the accordion headline, and the items (or 'No Items' notice) are the accordion items.

Answered over 8 years ago by ??????? ??????

I'd agree with danwellman on keeping the cart at a consistent location.

I wouldn't list all the items out - that's what the view cart page should do.

I'd maybe do some user testing to see if the total was important for your users to see. If it isn't, a cleaner interface would just be to show the number of items as part of the cart icon. You could also do some A/B testing to see if people were more or less likely to abandon the cart if the pricing is there.

Answered over 8 years ago by Jason Bash