This is probably an easy one for many of you.

I'm using drop down code for an email sign up form on a web page. Everything works fine.

On the first drop down the list expands down. On the second,the list expands up. What drives this decision? I did not see anything to alter that changes this?

Here is the form on a demo site for convenience.

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The direction of drop down is determined by the space between the select box and the edge of the browser chrome, or the edge of the screen.

Safari 4 (on OS X) does things differently - it drops the drop-down list out of the browser, and if it would hit the bottom of the screen, adds a continuation button.

Firefox on OS X drops the drop down out of the window, if there is room on the screen, or upward if there isn't.

You have no control over this - Operating system and Browser will choose how best to behave...

Answered almost 11 years ago by Tony Crockford

Thought it was browser related-thanks for getting back so quickly and thoroughly. Have a great day.

Answered almost 11 years ago by Dan Green