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I was wondering whether someone can enlighten me as to why the layout sits incorrectly in IE6. The content drops below the left hand navigation. Also it seems for some reason that part of the "Diamond Harbour" heading is missing in IE8. Not sure whether this is correct as it looks fine on my IE8 Windows XP but when I did a test in browsershots.org it was off further to the right.
Can someone please have a look at what I have done wrong in the CSS? The image is 990px and the wrapwebsite is 990px.
Thanks very much http://www.diamondharbour.info

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I wouldn't rely on browsershots if I were you. Use a virtual machine to test under IE6.

IE8 looks ok to me on my Vista box.

As for IE6, you need to use a width attribute in your css for the following elements:


I'd recommand using the IE debug toolbar to find such errors.

Answered over 9 years ago by Bernard Chhun