Thats my first web site i'm doing from scratch, so my knowledge of css and design part is somehow merely theoretical (I've completed few tutorials).

Here is a jpeg image of the design.

Gray bar is background for navigation, and under it there is a space for main content. I've got problems with glowing parts (in the header and in the main part).

  • do I cut out the hole header area? (to preserve glow of the lights)
  • how to handle glowing in the main area?

Thank you for your time!

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Carlos 60
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yup, slice it in 3 parts.

  • Header: guitars + lights
  • Menu bar: gray bar
  • Body: rest of the glow.

For the body all you gotta do is slice it to the edge of the glow and when you set it up as the background align it to the top of the container. so i'm guessing it would be something like this:

#content{background:#000 url('img/bg_body.png') no-repeat center top;}

Answered almost 9 years ago by Carlos