Explenation: I have 4 elements: 2 links, an image and a text-field. I float all 4 elements, clear the image on the left to split it up into 2 sections and that's basically it.

This works fine and as expected, except in IE7, where it's like the floated image-element doesn't exist. I've given the div, the a-elemtn and the image inside display/width values, still no success, so not sure if this si connected to th hasLayout property of IE7.

Website: http://precitool2.infowebpreview.be/nl/newsarchive

Small screenshots:


alt text


alt text

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fmz 14

Have you tried floating the text to the right?

.view-field-body {float: right; text-align:left;}

I would do this in an IE7 only stylesheet so you don't mess with what is already working for the other browsers.

Answered about 9 years ago by fmz