I've recently built a series of pages that have a number of icons (with background images) with text overlaid. The requirements have now changed so that the background images for those icons must be visible.

Is there a way I can fudge the print stylesheet so that the background image (or a background color matching the image) is displayed, or will I have to go back and put fixed images in?

  • How about a staging link and the CSS of what you have now? That will make your question more clear. Abinadi Ayerdis over 9 years ago
  • It's not in production yet, so I can't provide a link. Phil.Wheeler over 9 years ago
  • Can you provide an example or clarify what you mean then? If the background images are shown on screen, they will be showed on the print version too unless overridden. enbuyukfener over 9 years ago

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I think background image printing is a browser option. If you need to ensure that the image prints, I think you have to use a static image.

Answered over 9 years ago by Don Zacharias
  • I think the general consensus is correct that although there are some borderline workarounds in IE, this can't be done without a LOT of hacking and CSS ugliness. Phil.Wheeler over 9 years ago

The option to print background images and/or colours is definitely a browser option. The choice is commonly made through the browser's 'Page Setup' dialog.

Both IE and FireFox default to not printing background colours and images. There is no way to force this upon the user.

There is no workaround for printing an HTML document directly.

The only close alternative I have encountered is dynamically converting an HTML document into a PDF and presenting the PDF as a printable version.

Answered over 9 years ago by Jon Cram