I'm having difficulty figuring out what the problem is here. The image up at the top of this eNewsletter is getting pushed down when viewed in Outlook 2007. Also the right block that contains "Ronald Reagan Building Washington, DC" is getting broken up. It's working in all the browsers and Entourage. Help please.

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danwellman 5600

Try setting style="font-size:0;line-height:0;" on any <td> elements that contain images, but don't contain any text. This can help prevent the images being pushed out of place or padded

Could you attach a screenshot of what it is doing in OL07?

Answered over 9 years ago by danwellman
  • Weird, that seems like a very drastic hack. I have never had to do that. Gary Hepting over 9 years ago
  • You should post your email test on Litmusapp.com and publish the results for us to view. Gary Hepting over 9 years ago
  • @gary It's not really a hack, it is valid CSS after all, but it can prevent unwanted spacing around images used in table cells in both Outlook and Hotmail. danwellman over 9 years ago
  • @dan, to have a general idea of how it renders in OL2007, I usually open the HTML page in MS Word 2007 as they share similar rendering engine. I'm not too sure if the latest word viewer will do though. o.k.w over 9 years ago
  • Word *is* the rendering engine for OL07. I have OL07 on my machine though so no need to test OL07 using other apps danwellman over 9 years ago
o.k.w 2355

This should be a comment and not answer but it's too long to be one.

You might want to check through the HTML markups, I found at least one unclosed tag for <P> (line 401), and there's a closing <H4> after "REGISTER TODAY" that wasn't opened.

>Register Today</h4> </a>

One last thing which you might already know, inline STYLE blocks are not recognized by some email clients e.g. Gmail/Lotus notes, and OL2007 does not render the background images for the page and left/right border backgrounds.

Answered over 9 years ago by o.k.w