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I'm able to get my site to display as expecting in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE8. However, there is an issue I can't seem to resolve in IE7.

See below for a portion of the screenshot (from IE7) for the issues that I'm referring to. The problems I'm looking to fix are

-The spacing of the navigation in the top right corner (first two buttons should align with the header like the third button does)

-The spacing of the captions under each portfolio element (they are too close to the bottom of the div in IE7 but have the proper bottom padding in other browsers)

-The placement of the Message box within the contact form (isn't next to the two other fields in IE7 but is placed properly in other browsers)

I feel like the spacing should be a quick fix but I have have gone back and forth without any success so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The dev site can be found here

alt text

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The IE Developer Tools are showing that the About button has a top "offset" of 16, and the Home button is 32. (Portfolio is 0.)

Quite frankly, I don't know what offset is. I'm a little bit stumped on this one.

My best advice for you is that you can't (shouldn't) nest lis inside divs inside your ul. Try removing those, transferring their ids to the corresponding li, and adjusting the CSS selectors accordingly. See if that helps.

Always better to start with valid markup :)

Answered about 9 years ago by Scott Cranfill