Hello Guys, I am using Litmus to test spam filtering. However, those advices and recommendations given by Litmus does not seem to be enough to overcome having some of my messages being classified as Spam. Would you anyone give me more detailed advice on how to better format and overcome filters? Please link below: http://pressworks.litmusapp.com/pub/0fb1634

Rgds, Michel

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o.k.w 2355

I do not know exactly what is your original mail (perhaps you can post a sample), but have you read the side bar message on the Litmus test report? I've extracted them and list it below, you might want to look into those first:

Why did my email fail some filters?

Below are some of the reasons given by the various filters as to why your email did not pass. Where possible, we've included details on how you can solve the problem.

  • This email has been marked as spam.
  • Your email doesn't include a plain text alternative to your HTML content. It's best practice to always include a plain text part in your email.
  • It looks like your subject line was encoded twice. This can happen if your subject line is too long and your email software is (correctly) repeating encoding. Try shortening your subject line.
Answered over 9 years ago by o.k.w