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Simple question: what jobs do you do in either of those softwares?

Which features are particularly useful, which behaves better in FW and PS?

I have just started to learn something more than just Photoshop and even though I see certain advantages of FW over PS I still see a hell of things missing there... I'd like you to briefly describe your experiences with either of those programs.

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Fireworks is great all-around for any design and editing for the web (72 dpi imagery).

Photoshop is necessary for almost anything bigger, such as print 300-600 dpi, but if they're clean and simple files Fireworks can handle those too.

Photoshop is much better for advanced image design and creation from scratch. The brush libraries, effects, filters and more are just more advanced, not to mention the vast number of supported plugins and extensions available. The layering effects and abilities are more powerful in Photoshop...

You can make Javascripted menus and dynamic HTML content with Fireworks by adding Behaviors, etc. Pretty sweet...

Answered over 8 years ago by Gary Hepting
  • Both are getting more and more similar with Adobe now owning Fireworks. Fireworks used to be fast as possible, but is now slow and bloated (with CS4 on Vista) Gary Hepting over 8 years ago