Hey guys, I need your opinion on my navigation bar on my site over at Mario Planet

As you can see, it is "themed" in the likes of Apple's

More like copied, but you know, I like the design! :)

Anyway, when asking if anyone would like to give me some feedback on my home page here danwellman made a good suggestion about expanding the nav bar to fill the width of the page.

Does anyone else want to suggest whether they like the way it is right now, or if I should make it stretch? I could use some opinions for sure!

Thanks guys!

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Doug 1095

It being the only design element with gradients & drop shadows, I don't think the nav bar fits in visually with the rest of the design at all. Aside from that, centering the nav bar with no thought to how it aligns with any other design elements is a lazy way of designing your site.

Look at how "Welcome!", the intro paragraph, "Featured Products", and the dark gray product box do not line up on the left edge. If they were all aligned on the left and right edges with each other and with the nav bar, that would help. Or the nav bar could line up with the column borders or the full page width.

In any case, read up on using grids and the golden ratio to design a layout and then position each design element within the grid you choose.

Answered over 7 years ago by Doug
  • Cool, thanks! I appreciate your suggestions. I've implemented the alignment of the "Welcome!", intro paragraph, "Featured Products" and the featured product box to be the width of the content section of the page. Yeah, I know what you mean about the look and feel, but I've gotten compliments on it multiple times, just probably because it looks a little familiar, and the fact that it would look good by itself, so I think I'm leaving it for now. I'm going to have to do a redesign of the image to properly resize. So you think aligning it within the columns of the main content area would be better than the full width? I don't think it would look good the full width, just because of unused buttons. I'm also thinking about maybe reverting back to what I had, and aligning the content borders and columns to the nav bar, like you suggested. That may look really neat. Thanks again! Zach Hodge over 7 years ago