This one is driving me absolutely crazy. The top search bar has two small labels floating above it, 'MSN' and 'Internettet'. In FF and IE8, they render correctly. But in IE8 running in compatibility mode for IE7, the second one moves down to the next line, floating above the input field and somehow pushing the first label off to the right. It looks terrible, and I'm running out of ideas.

Suggestions are very welcome!

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Mottie 1134

I can't seem to isolate the exact problem, but I do know that the float: left is being overridden. So the div inside of #ntwscopes ends up being the full width of the input below it. I think the problem is from this bit of CSS:

* {
 width:auto !important;
 float:none !important;
 clear:none !important;

I think if you add something like this, it should start working again (hard to test)

#search #ntwscopes DIV {
 float:left !important;
 padding:0 8px;

Edit: Hmmm ok try this:

#search #ntwscopes DIV { max-width: 50px; }
Answered about 9 years ago by Mottie
  • Very interesting. I'm testing it now, I'll let you know how it works out. Jens Roland about 9 years ago
  • I tried it, but no change. And furthermore, I can't seem to locate the bit of CSS you mentioned in any of the .css files. Jens Roland about 9 years ago
  • Well IE says it's inside of "" which is imported inside of "" Mottie about 9 years ago
  • I've added another bit of CSS to try Mottie about 9 years ago