absolute positioned div color not showing in print preview

The absolute positioned div in the example link (jsfiddle) with the: class="clue design-clue-style" Is not showing the color (background color) white as specified in print preview in IE9 and be... Read more

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Centering an absolutely positioned div

I'm running into a bit of a problem attempting to center an absolutely positioned div on top of another div. The background div runs a jQuery Cycle slide show. The div I want to position contains... Read more

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Layout breaking in IE6 and IE7

Hi, Please check this layout: http://www.xhtml-lab.com/test/ It's breaking in IE6 and IE7, working fine in all other browsers. Can you suggest me a solution for this. Please note that i do... Read more


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Relative-placed div looks different in every browser

Is it possible to successfully use a relative placed div so that it works well in every browser? Check out my website, specifically the black circle with the service grant announcement.. --I... Read more


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Absolutely position div within table cell

Hey, I am looking for a way to absolutely position a element within element. Is it possible? Read more

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Absolute positioning z-index problem in IE7

Hi friends, If you look at the following link on Firefox or Chrome, you'll understand the effect I want to achieve: http://bma-ambiental.homeip.net/bma/ A drop-down menu with images & simp... Read more

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How do I get a footer to sit below absolutely-positioned elements?

I have a page like this: ... ... <div i... Read more

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Fix an Absolutely positioned div?

There's an angled, green Contact button top left of my site and I'd like it to stay visible and fixed while people scroll the page. Sounds easy but can't manage it!? [www.reverbstudios.ie][1] ... Read more


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Absolute positioning and scroll bar in Internet Explorer

I've implemented a tree view using HTML and CSS. When an item in this tree view is hovered, a tooltip appears under it. Everything's works great in Firefox, but not in Chrome or Firefox. My pr... Read more

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Does anyone have a good workaround for keeping text or other elements opaque in a transparent div?

Other than using a png or absolute positioning with extra markup is there any way to keep the contents of a transparent div Opaque? I am using css transparency on a div with a background color but ... Read more

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