Why is jQuery POST'ing in UTF-16?

The blog post creation page of my blog software [LightBlog][1] uses jQuery to POST the content via AJAX. Oddly enough, when I submit Chinese characters (??) through jQuery, it sends it to the serve... Read more

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Show Loading Image with Ajax/jQuery

My page content loads using a jQuery script - http://www.reverbstudios.ie/scripts/nav.js I'd like to know how to show a loading gif when a page link is clicked and automatically hide it again wh... Read more


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jQuery Loading Image

Just wondering would any one have quick code to add to the below to show a 'loading' gif in the '.content_background' div while the page is waiting for content to load into it? You'll see how the p... Read more


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jQuery Cycle and Ajax Loading Problems

A couple of quick questions about jQuery (I've just started using it!). I'm using a simple plugin to load a section of one page on my site into a predefined section of another. A basic function ... Read more


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jQuery slidebar for searchbox?

Hi all, I'm currently working on a search box for my site that will hopefully use a slide-bar instead of tabs to conduct the search. Users will enter a search query and instead of choosing from ... Read more

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Highlight Anchor links on smooth scroll?

Does anyone know of a jquery plug-in that highlights navigation upon clicking an anchor link (with smooth scroll would be perfect)? Here's two examples that do exactly what Im looking for: ... Read more

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Problem in AJAX and PHP. Please HELP!!

I am having problem with AJAX and PHP. I have a function which sends a request to a PHP file, qlist.php. I can't understand why this function is not receiving any response from the PHP file. Here i... Read more

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Galleria not displaying properly on initial load in jquery-ui-tabs axajed iframe

Hello, I have been trying to get this sorted out for two weeks now, and I guess I just don't understand/know enough javascript (jQuery specifically) to get it right... The scenario: I have a tab... Read more

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How do I keep a file on the server, using an ajax call?

Need to read a text file located on the server. However, I do NOT want that file to be sent to the clients cache or "Temporary Internet Files". I do not want it to be sent anywhere, just to rem... Read more

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Ajax menu / IE7 bug - menu not displaying

I'm having a strange issue with an Ajax menu in IE7. The content that should be hidden by the menu's background comes through, as if the menu is transparent. Here's a screenshot: http://screenca... Read more


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