How to vertically align text?

I am creating a sidebar made with a div and not a table and I was wondering how can I vertically align the link text. I know you can use vertically-align when you use tables but I was wondering is ... Read more

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align to the bottom of the div

I need to arange the value and the lorem ipsum text to the bottom of the div as in the following image, but everything I've tryed until now doesn't work. ![alt text][1] My html looks like this... Read more

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How can I fix my divs to properly render in IE7 or later?

I have currently finished designing my website and am just about done building it. The only problem I have is that my slideshow (in the portfolio sections) is not rendering correctly when viewed in... Read more


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JQuery slider breaks before refresh?

The slider on my site breaks but corrects itself on refresh. The div.message is absolutely positioned over the images in each slide, this seems to align itself strangely over two slides with the... Read more


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How to fix an image-align problem in IE 7?

I'm working on an html email and the logo in the top right corner should be right-aligned (works in Firefox). The email compatibility tests are coming back great. When opening in IE7, however, the ... Read more

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How to get an Image and div to join up without a "step"

Now please don't flame me here but I have really tried to fix this ... in Firefox all is well but in IE6 a variety of things go pear shaped. As most people use IE ... On a subdomain I have an i... Read more


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