Table and image alignment

I have just finished designing a website for my husband. I am not a web designer by profession. I am having trouble lining up my tables with images and need to center them in the page. This pro... Read more

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Checkbox vertical aligment cross browsers and operating systems

Dear all, checkbox alignment with its label (i.e., vertical centering) across different web browsers and operating systems makes me crazy. Pasted below is standard html code which I use <... Read more

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How to avoid line wrap on mouse over of menu items?

Hi, I have a situation where it seems out of my control for a menu item to wrap to the next line when you mouse over a left column menu item or when that menu item is in the active state (meanin... Read more


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Cross Browser CSS Horizontal aligment issues

I am working on a web page that contains both table and div tag to handle alignment. When I view the page in IE7 the page alignment is centered and works as expected. When I view the page i... Read more

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Top Menu look different IE7, FF and Chrome

HI all, I was wondering how to fix the following code as the menu lose its format in FF and Chrome. The menu its inside of a div class header, and inside there are three elements, logo,descripti... Read more

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Submit button alignment correct in Firefox, wrong in Safari

I've had this trouble a couple times and never been able to figure it out. I've got a background image on an input tag for the submit button. The alignment looks fine in Firefox, but is a few pixel... Read more

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Trouble centering a UL

I have a basic site at and I'm using a UL for my footer. For some reason I can't get the UL in the footer to center align. I've tried all kinds of different style attributes (m... Read more


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Page Alignment for my Site

Good Day: I have been viewing my site on a number of platforms, including the ASUS Netbook, which i did today. What is the easiest and most efficient technique for displaying my page in ... Read more


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Aligning nested divs

Hey everyone. I'm having trouble lining up the bottom left div (that's nested within other divs) to the bottom of the middle wraper. Anyone have an idea as to how I get a nice, clean bottom alignme... Read more


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