Will this show up as a clickable image?

Is this valid or did I just make this up? Read more

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Anchor tag containing only an IMG extends below bottom of image

I have an anchor containing a single IMG tag. With no styling at all (Beyond an inline border: 0px on the IMG) except default browser styling, the anchor extends below the contained IMG. Test ca... Read more


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Opera 9 & 10 displacing certain body links by 510 pixels.

[On this page][1], the body text in the main content includes six links that use identical markup-- no classes, ids or any other style-relevant attributes to distinguish them. The text enclose... Read more


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Anchors Not Working in IE8 on SOME Computers

Hello, I'm having an interesting issue. This page's anchor's are not working on some computers with Internet Explorer 8. On some it works perfectly fine, but on some, the anchor acts as if it do... Read more


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Horizontall center on load | html anchors or js

Hello! I have a 4000px width flash component and I need to get it centered on screen. I thought of using an HTML anchor and make a call to it with JS onload but the anchor doesn't align to... Read more

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Hyperlink Selector Tag in css

Hi What I am trying to do at the moment with my blog style website is creating several different hyperlink style difference in font size and style. Basically I am not sure how on earth I can... Read more


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How to change color of visited, active, and hover links?

How do you change the color of visited, active and hover links in css? I need to know how to change it for each individual link. Not for all the links on the page. Read more

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HTML email anchor links

Design a fare amount of HTML email, a client has asked to have a navigation at the top of a email so it can anchor to different sections in the email - firstly, is this doable in a HTML email and s... Read more

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