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FOUC on links when CSS3 transitions are applied

In some recent design I put some subtle CSS3 transitions (color, shadow) on :hover for the links. Unfortunately, when (re)loading the page I see a elements (and only those) blue, then they... Read more

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Proper way for links to execute javascript code

So there are 4 main methods I'm aware of to execute javascript code from a link. For my requirements, I need to do so without moving the screen anywhere (linking to # and not returning false is ba... Read more

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Highlight Anchor links on smooth scroll?

Does anyone know of a jquery plug-in that highlights navigation upon clicking an anchor link (with smooth scroll would be perfect)? Here's two examples that do exactly what Im looking for: ... Read more

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Opera 9 & 10 displacing certain body links by 510 pixels.

[On this page][1], the body text in the main content includes six links that use identical markup-- no classes, ids or any other style-relevant attributes to distinguish them. The text enclose... Read more


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Anchor tag to jump to different page?

I'm looking to use the html anchor tag to jump to a different page on my site. Is that possible? All info I find only talks about doing it within the same page. I have a page with options and a... Read more

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