How to make background on heading tags not full width ?

I am trying to wrap a background colour around an h1 and h2 hag with CSS. However, as these are block elements the background is full width and what I require is just to make the background 5px aro... Read more

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IE7 - Hovering links nested inside a div, causes the div to get a background.

Hey, I am fixing bugs in a website making it viewable in IE6 and IE7, and I came across a wierd bug: When I hover links that are nested inside a div element, the div gets a background color simil... Read more

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TD css background colour not showing

Hi, I have a TD with class="left", and with .left { background-color: #FFE57F; } Yet the background colour does not show. How do I fix this? Here is the URL. Read more

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Is it possible to make fieldset look normal in IE?

I understand, that IE doesn't yet support round corners, but the background color of fieldset is out of bound to. Here how it looks like in FF 3.6: [screenshot1][2] And here how it looks in I... Read more

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Body Element's Background-color Extends Beyond its Width?

[Here's][1] the CSS and [here][2] is the main page. So My question is fairly simple, or so I think. I set the body's width to 800px, yet when I colored the background (just for feeler's sake, m... Read more


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How can I easily clear background-color on links that contain images?

Have you ever tried to do this? a { background-color: #000; } I always find that at some ... Read more


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How to use two background colors

What's the best way to have two different background colors? Like a white background with a light-blue strip down the middle? Read more

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