How do I make the border look the same in chrome and IE8?

When I view this page in Chrome it has a border on the bottom only, but in IE8 it has a rounded border all around each post instead of a single bottom border. How can I make the border look the ... Read more


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Why isn't the border color of my select box changing in IE8?

A select box's border color in Internet Explorer just won't change. A text box's border color changes but not a select box's. I'm using: border: 1px solid #000000} It changes in Opera... Read more

6 answers Latest by Tony Crockford over 8 years ago

What are the causes of border styling not affecting a textarea?

I have a textarea and a stylesheet that specifies, for the textarea's ID, "border: 1px solid black !important;" and I have tried a couple of variants. (The stylesheet that specifies this is the las... Read more

1 answer Latest by Jonathan Hayward almost 9 years ago

Gap inside right/bottom borders in IE6, but not in any other browser?

I have a development page live [here][1], which has an embedded Google Map. The iframe has a 2px solid border which fits the map perfectly in all browsers except IE6, where the inside right and b... Read more


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how to create a table with rounded corners in each row and with tr:hover color change

a designer wants me to render a table with following features: each table row has a gradient background each table row has a color change on hover each table row has rounded corners. each t... Read more

3 answers Latest by kemie about 9 years ago

How to I set border length as a fraction of the div or td dimension?

I want the border line on, for example, the bottom of the div or td not to extend the entire width of the div or td. There should be a gap on left and right. How do I achieve this in CSS? ![ta... Read more


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How to remove right border from last horizontal nav link

Hello all, I can't figure out why border-right-style: none; doesn't remove the right border from the last link. Here's my code. HTML: `` `... Read more

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Which gives better performance between loading separate Style sheet or conditional expressions in selected <Table> tag

Hi I am trying to use two separate style sheets for IE8 and other browsers altogether which consists of changes related to IE8.This is making my task cumbersome and unmanageable. <!--[If IE... Read more

1 answer Latest by o.k.w over 9 years ago

Missing Left Borders in IE 7

For this report created in HTML & CSS the left borders are disappearing in IE 7. They show up correctly in IE 8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. I am applying the style with three different CSS ... Read more


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Tony B 86

can you style the first list item in an unordered list differently than the rest of the items?

I am making a horizontal list of the numbers 1 through 10 with a 1pixel border between each item (among other styles). I want to get rid of the border on the first entry only. I know you can do thi... Read more

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