How do I have a common border across all the elements of a table row?

I have the following table and would like a border to run across the bottom of each row. The HTML: URLHits ... Read more

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How do I use 960 Grid System with borders?

Hi I just recently started looking at 960 Grid System that I found here on Doctype. The documentation seems to be pretty sparse on the subject, so I can't figure out how to use the grid system i... Read more

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Border around top and left of images

The images in my sidebar have a border around the top and left. I checked with Firebug, I have set the border to 0px and none. The images are hyperlinks, if that makes a difference. Read more


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best practice for a left,right,bottom border

to use it like this #mybox{ border: 1px solid #F1F1F1; border-top: 0 } or #mybox{ border-left: 1px solid #F1F1F1; border-right: 1px solid #F1F1F1;... Read more

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Border color for select box not working in IE8?

Here's the code. Does anyone know why it's not working? I've tried using individual styles and it's still not applying the border: border-top: 1px solid #000000; border-right: 1px sol... Read more

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How do you make only the top and left border black on a drop-down?

I want to make only the top and left side of the select box black, not the bottom and right side. Is this possible? I need to know how in css. Read more

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How to change border color of a select box?

I knew how, i just forgot. How do you change the color size of a border for a select box in css? Read more

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Rounding the 'border', not the image?

Hi guys, I've seen a lot about this moz-border-radius stuff and it all seems quite exciting, although I'm a little confused as to how I can use it to actually round a border, not the contain... Read more

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How do I make the border appear on my select box?

Here's the code for the CSS file: #select a { border-color: white; width: 150px; position: absolute; left: 280px; top: 90px; } Read more

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Border sides in Photoshop

Photoshop adds border (blending properties) on all 4 sides, is it possible to have just on 1, 2 or 3 sides using some hack/plugin? Thanks in advance for your help. Read more

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