Automatically open Web Inspector for popup windows?

I'm working on an app where I need to open a new browser window, and I need to debug some JS. The web inspector opens fine in the main window, but when the popup (new browser window) opens, the ... Read more

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Liquid, Elastic or Hybrid- how to get page to scale according to browser window size

I am working in DW CS3 (don't know a lot of CSS yet, so I am using DW as a tool to help). Wondering what setting I would want to start my page in - elastic, liquid or hybrid- to get the web page I ... Read more

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My website's nav menu doesn't display in IE7.

I just finished a web site and have noticed that when I go to view it in IE7 the navigation doesn't show up. I cross referenced the issue and the nav is working fine in Opera, Safari, and Firefox. ... Read more


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Is there an easy method for clearing out the cache of a browser?

After modifying a style sheet I noticed that when I loaded a page using that modified style sheet in a browser that had cached an older version of it the initial structure of the page was wonky, un... Read more

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Page loads fast in Firefox & IE, but not Safari!

Have become frustrated with pageload times for The pageloads are within an acceptable range for both Firefox and IE, but Safari crawls... Anyone care to take a loo... Read more


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Browser Layout Discrepancy

I am trying to fix the browser layout problem for IE8 (and likely other IE versions) for the website The site looks as intended on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. In IE, the tabl... Read more


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Changing the background color of my favicon.ico image?

Hey DocType People: Greetings and thanks for all support given! You are worth the while. Have a look at my favicon on the top-left corner of the title bar on your browser. My Blog address a... Read more


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<button> element

Hi, I have this weird space between my customized button elements. Here are the codes: The markup: Sample Button The css: ... Read more

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What's the best method for implimenting a scrolling table with HTML just CSS?

I'm currently designing a web app that would benefit from some scrolling tables; exactly like these; Read more

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Tips for designing a 'wide and tall' page?

My page will essentially be a large image map but the smallest I can go down to is around 1500x1000 pixels before some areas are too small for comfort. In the majority of browser windows (even on m... Read more

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