How to create this button graphic?

Hi all, I wonder how to create this button in photoshop. I use inner shadow and inner glow and I get too close. I like how there is this 1px inner bottom right line. ![alt text][1] Is ther... Read more


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Why does html widgets follow ther own rules of alignment?

Here is the problem, I created an HTML page as shown. And I expected the buttons and textarea to be at the same level, however the text appears to be one level above the other two controls. Wh... Read more


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Wordpress Contact Form 7 plugin: no submit button

I uploaded the Contact Form 7 plugin for Wordpress on my site, and the entire form displays correctly with the exception of the submit button. I used the default settings for setting up a contact f... Read more


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Linking buttons from flash movie to other html pages of site?

I am trying to link my buttons from my flash movie menu to the other html pages of my site ( My first button (about us) is linked to and works, seco... Read more


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How to navigate to URL using AS3?

I am a beginner with AS3 and know even less about AS2, either way I am attempting to navigate to a URL using AS3 (Flash CS4, if that matters) basically I have some SWF's embedded into an html doc a... Read more

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How can I eliminate dead-zone on button with position relative?

I've recently noticed a problem with styled and tags which occurs with display block or inline-block, some amount of padding, and position relative to adjust the position when :act... Read more

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<button> element

Hi, I have this weird space between my customized button elements. Here are the codes: The markup: Sample Button The css: ... Read more

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Having trouble styling cross browser buttons and input submit

I am trying to style three inline buttons. Two are inputs with a type of "submit" and one is a button with javascript attached two it. I am trying to style all buttons to look the same. All are... Read more

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Simple implementation of Menu Button

Does anyone have any idea of an implementation of a Simple Menu Button, the kind which is used in Gmail for Labels and Actions, where clicking on the button shows a menu. An Example is available a... Read more

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How to use hyper link texts instead of buttons to post forms?

I want to submit (post), a form via hyperlinks instead of the form submit buttons. This is required since the delivered mockups has hyperlinked texts for the actions required. I don't want to st... Read more

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