Get floated divs to pass each other in 2 column layout (sort of like Facebook Timeline)

I'm creating a site that has two columns with content of variable height stacking into both columns. The client really wants it to look like the Facebook Timeline, where the content flows nicely in... Read more


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How do I put a clear button inside my HTML text input box like the iPhone does?

Got here via [SO][1] which unfortunately didn't bring a useful answer but did point me to doctype, thanks for that ! Like the original Q I need a way to code a clear button in a mobile safari i... Read more

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Clearing floats that follow a cleared float (in IE)

I have encountered the problem where a float that follows a float that clears: left doesn't act right. Before I confuse you anymore let me just post a link to the documented problem: [ Read more


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Tony B 86

Why does .clearfix suddenly add a margin to the bottom of its container?

I have been using the following clearfix for many web sites and for some reason on my most recent one it adds a margin to the bottom of its container. It still expands the container div as it shoul... Read more

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Using floats, how do I create a cross-browser grid of variable-height cells?

I have an unordered list containing several items, each with a variable amount of text inside. Each item has a fixed-width, and my list is also fixed-width to ensure that 4 'columns' are displayed.... Read more


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