ATAG Compliant CMS

Hi, I'm trying to find out information about which Open Source CMSs are ATAG compliant. I've found a [review of WordPress 2][1] but nothing more recent. Anyone have any information? [1... Read more

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CMS that lets you create custom HTML pages?

I'm currently designing a website for a client, and he needs the functionality of a content management system (he needs to be able to update the text on pages, as well as post news updates in the f... Read more

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Simple CMS for small static website

I'm struggling right now to find a CMS for a small static website thats free, something that I host, preferably small, and can be hosted on a Linux server (No .NET). This is for a small buisness wh... Read more

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Very Simple Blog

I need to put up a easy to use. fast website. I love tumblr, but need something installable on my own server so that I can add my own custom functionality (seprate input forms, maps etc.). I wo... Read more

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What is a good CMS for an E-commerce site?

Hi, I am about to build my first e-commerce site. I haven;t really played around a lot with e-commerce sites in the past but I have experience with other CMS systems like Wordpress, EE, ec. So ... Read more

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CMS choice for personal website/portfolio/blog/gallery

I would like to create my website with several sections: 2 blogs (1 work based, 1 personal) photo blog/gallery portfolion section (probably just a cv) a lifestream and an index page to which... Read more

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What CMS is any is used here

is there a cms being used here Read more

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Sidebar not shown only in IE 7? and ONLY not shown in one specific page ?

Okay I have this website that I was working using Wordpress. I wrote some custom Page template for this CMS. But I'm not aware of that there is [only this page's sidebar doesn't show in IE 7][1] Th... Read more


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Can anyone recommend a CMS for a lookbook?

Basically, I am creating a lookbook for a client that will look similar to this [link text][1]. I am looking for a CMS where the client can upload images, update copy, and it generates a new lookbo... Read more

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How to Create and Update Dynmaic Columns Page Template in WP ?

Okay I need to use wordpress to create a custom CMS, just like this website [][1] In there most pages are 2 column, but under each lawyers bio is 3 column [h... Read more


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